Allview AV6100XA Series (“65 inch”) 4K Android 11.0


  • 4k Android 11.0
  • Screen size 165cm
  • Frameless
  • Wide View Angle
  • Voice Remote
  • RAM 1 GB
  • ROM 8 GB
Screen size: 165cm (about 65 inches diagonal).
Frameless: The screen has minimal or no bezels, giving it a clean and modern appearance.
Wide Viewing Angle: Technology or features that allow for a broader viewing angle while maintaining picture quality.
Operating System: Android 11.0, which allows access to a variety of apps, games, and content from the Google Play Store, as well as smart TV functionality.
Memory Specification: 1 GB of Random Access Memory (RAM) for executing apps and tasks.
8 GB ROM: Read-Only Memory used to store the operating system, applications, and user data.
Ports: 2 HDMI ports to connect high-definition multimedia devices like game consoles, Blu-ray players, and streaming devices.
speech Remote: Contains a remote control with speech recognition capabilities, enabling users to operate

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