Allview Semi Automatic AVSA100GL Series 10.0 KG Washing Machine


  • GL- Half Glass / Leg
  • Wash Timer: 35 minutes
  • Spin Timer: 5 minutes
  • Soak Function: Optional
  • Double Layer Tub
  • Two Wash Program
  • Smart Spin
  • Dual Deck
  • Rust Proof Body
  • Buzzer
  1. Wash Timer: 35 minutes
    • The duration of the washing cycle is set to 35 minutes, indicating the time it takes for a complete wash.
  2. Spin Timer: 5 minutes
    • The spinning cycle has a duration of 5 minutes, specifying the time for the spinning phase after the washing cycle.
  3. Soak Function: Optional
    • The washing machine includes an optional soak function. This feature allows you to pre-soak clothes before the washing cycle, which can be useful for removing tough stains.
  4. Double Layer Tub
    • The washing machine is equipped with a double-layer tub. This feature may provide additional durability, insulation, or noise reduction.
  5. Two Wash Programs
    • The washing machine offers two wash programs. These programs could be tailored settings for different types of fabrics or varying levels of soiling.
  6. Smart Spin
    • The presence of a “Smart Spin” feature suggests an intelligent or adaptive spinning mechanism. This feature might optimize the spinning cycle based on factors such as load size or fabric type.
  7. Dual Deck
    • The washing machine features a dual-deck design, which could provide additional functionality or benefits in terms of washing performance.
  8. Rust-Proof Body
    • The body of the washing machine is designed to resist rust, ensuring durability and a longer lifespan.
  9. Buzzer
    • The washing machine is equipped with a buzzer, likely providing an audible signal to alert users when the washing or spinning cycles are complete.

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