Allview AV3100HDSeries (“32 inch”) Ready Non Smart


  • 32 inch LED TV
  • Freeview HD Tuner
  • Resolution 1080p
  • 2 x HDMI
  • 2 x USB
HD Android 11.0: This signifies that the TV has a HD  display and runs the Android 11.0 operating system, which provides access to a variety of apps and services from the Google Play Store. Screen Size 100cm: This determines the diagonal size of the screen, which is about 80 centimeters (32 inches). Frameless: As with the preceding description, this indicates that the TV has a design with low or no bezels surrounding the screen, resulting in a more immersive watching experience. Broad Viewing Angle: This implies that the TV has a broad viewing angle, allowing viewers to see content from a variety of angles without substantial color distortion or loss of image quality. 1 GB RAM, 8GB ROM: These are the characteristics.

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