Allview Fix Speed 1 Star Model AV18FS1 Air Conditioner


  • АС Type: Fix Speed
  • Cooling Capacity: 5000w
  • Star rating: 1
  • Refrigerant Type: R32
  • Noise Level: 46
  • Indoor Airflow (CMN): 1000
  • Power Supply (V/Hz/Ph) : 230 / 50 / 1
  • Approx. Cooling Area: 150-180 Sq. ft.
  • AC Type: Fix Speed: This indicates that the air conditioner has a fixed or constant speed compressor, meaning it operates at a constant speed once it’s turned on.
  • Cooling Capacity: 5000w: This specifies the amount of cooling power the air conditioner can provide, measured in watts. In this case, it’s 5000 watts.
  • Star Rating: 1: The star rating indicates the energy efficiency of the air conditioner. A higher star rating generally implies better energy efficiency. In this case, it’s a 1-star rating.
  • Refrigerant Type: R32: R32 is a type of refrigerant used in air conditioners. It is considered more environmentally friendly compared to some older refrigerants.
  • Noise Level: 46 decibels: This indicates the sound level produced by the air conditioner during operation. Lower values suggest quieter operation.
  • Indoor Airflow (CMN): 1000: This measures the volume of air circulated by the indoor unit, often in cubic meters per hour (CMH) or cubic feet per minute (CFM). In this case, it’s 1000 units.
  • Power Supply (V/Hz/Ph): 230 / 50 / 1: This specifies the electrical requirements for the air conditioner. It needs a power supply of 230 volts, operates at a frequency of 50 Hz, and is single-phase (1).
  • Approx. Cooling Area: 150-180 Sq. ft.: This provides an estimate of the area that the air conditioner can effectively cool. In this case, it’s suitable for an area ranging from 150 to 180 square feet.

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