Allview Fix Speed 2 Star Model AV24FS2 Air Conditioner


  • АС Typ: Inverte
  • Cooling Capacity: 7000w
  • Star rating: 2
  • Refrigerant Type: R32
  • Noise Level: 46
  • Indoor Airflow (CMN): 1350
  • Power Supply (V/Hz/Ph) : 230 / 50 / 1
  • Approx. Cooling Area: 200-300 Sq. ft.
  1. AC Type: Inverter
    • Indicates that the air conditioner utilizes inverter technology, allowing for variable compressor speed and improved energy efficiency.
  2. Cooling Capacity: 7000w
    • Specifies the cooling capacity of the air conditioner, measured in watts. In this case, it’s 7000 watts, indicating the amount of heat the AC can remove from the indoor air per unit of time.
  3. Star Rating: 2
    • The star rating indicates the energy efficiency of the air conditioner. A higher star rating generally implies better energy efficiency. In this case, it’s a 2-star rating.
  4. Refrigerant Type: R32
    • R32 is a type of refrigerant used in air conditioners. It is considered more environmentally friendly compared to some older refrigerants.
  5. Noise Level: 46 decibels
    • This specifies the sound level produced by the air conditioner during operation. A lower value, such as 46 decibels, indicates quieter operation.
  6. Indoor Airflow (CMN): 1350
    • Measures the volume of air circulated by the indoor unit, often in cubic meters per hour (CMH) or cubic feet per minute (CFM). In this case, it’s 1350 units.
  7. Power Supply (V/Hz/Ph): 230 / 50 / 1
    • Specifies the electrical requirements for the air conditioner. It needs a power supply of 230 volts, operates at a frequency of 50 Hz, and is single-phase (1).
  8. Cooling Area: 200-300 Sq. ft.
    • Provides an estimate of the area that the air conditioner can effectively cool. In this case, it’s suitable for an area ranging from 200 to 300 square feet

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